This training is designed to help license office staff identify medical impairments that may impact the ability to drive safely. The training focuses on major signs and symptoms of serious impairments that may be encountered during the routine licensing process. To help other states use this training for their license office staff, the website was designed with modules that can be easily adapted to local standards, procedures, and resources.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety’s Executive Committee provided funding for this training effort. The Coalition’s Subcommittee on Elder Mobility and Safety (SEMS) and the Missouri Department of Revenue collaborated on the development of the site. SEMS co-chairs Pat Niewoehner and James Stowe provided leadership on the project, and directed the development of the training modules, filming, and site content.

Additionally, we thank Dr. Michael Palmer, Dr. Dave Carr, and Ms. Sue Mussatt for expert counsel on content and common presentation of medical impairments. Cindy Anders provided additional help with filming, and Jacqueline Rogers with the Missouri Department of Transportation assisted with project development and administration of SEMS. We thank Drs. Thomas Meuser and Marla Berg-Weger for critiques on the content and presentation of this training material as well as assistance with filming.

Finally, we thank license office workers who are on the frontlines of maintaining safe roadways for all users.